VELA consulting as part of business advisory services, together with our business partners and associates, as well as experts in the field of HR (Human Resources) offers a service organization, and external monitoring of human resources with the employers, and the services which among other things include:

Leadership, management and updating of personnel records,

Calculation of wages

Payrolls creation

Adoption of all necessary internal acts prescribed by law (Rules of Procedure, the Act on systematization of jobs)

Creation of all acts related to the employment (changes in the contractual elements, termination of employment, vacations, retirement, reorganization, implementation of procedures declaring redundancies, etc.),

Tracking of all Labor Act changes and changes in by-laws ,

Reorganization of human resources with an aim of increasing the effectiveness and productivity of employees,

Creating norms for rewarding positive results of employees (motivation),

Interviews and selection of potential employees on behalf of clients,

Training on employees behavior ,

Other HRM services.