About us

VELA consulting

Our mission

It is our mission to induce ability of economic entities and entrepreneurs to create new values, to control and manage risks and to improve their business operation.

Multiple years of experience

Thanks to years of experience, earlier results of the team members, as well as established cooperation with extremely qualitative and proved professional associates and business partners, the VELA consulting team is able to provide a wide spectrum of services at any moment in order to contribute accomplishment of set clients’ goals within all the economic fields of work.

Success in business

VELA consulting team is proud of significant experience in successful restructuring of business entities, improvement of transparency of their work, increase in productivity, costs rationalization, conquering of markets, creation of new products, legal protection, and a series of activities and services referring to provision of business entities’ successful business operation, as well as constant encouraging and realization of their above average results.

Our vision

The vision of VELA consulting is to become a reliable and long-term business partner to all their clients, whom the VELA consulting always sets high goals and helps them in accomplishing these.